School Based Services
Professional Counseling Services provides prevention and intervention level services to middle and high school students in multiple school districts in the greater Metro-Denver area. Services are individually tailored to meet the needs of the school, but include interactive and engaging classroom presentations designed to share the risk of drug and alcohol use with students. .

In-school individual counseling sessions are available for students who struggle with drug or alcohol use or have a loved one who struggles with drug or alcohol use. Alternative to Suspension programs are available for students who have been caught under the influence (or with a substance or paraphernalia) on school grounds or at school events. This service greatly reduces the length of time students serve in in-home detention (which often causes students to fall further behind in school), so students spend more time in the classroom, learning. This six week drug/alcohol program is an effective way to stimulate positive family interactions and communication while educating students and parents about the risks of drug/alcohol use.
  • Prevention and Intervention level programs
    We offer fun, interactive classroom discussions and activities addressing a number of issues relevant to student populations, including drug and alcohol issues, peer pressure, stress and coping strategies, bullying and self-esteem. Presentations are tailored to be developmentally appropriate for the grade level being served and the topic requested. Our presentations supplement related topics taught in health or science classes.

  • Fun, interactive and backed by research
    Our six week Alternative to Suspension Program has over five years of quantitative and qualitative data showing the efficacy of the curriculum. Students have consistently reported lower frequency of substance use after completing the program, and both students and parents have reported improvement in their communication with each other.

  • Drug & Alcohol and bullying intervention; boundaries education
    Research has shown one-time approaches are not effective in preventing negative behaviors in kids. We provide a series of three presentations over a series of weeks in order to create more of a relationship with students. The games, discussions and interactive presentations give students information on bullying, substance use, boundaries, etc. in a non-threatening setting. Many schools have counselors from Professional Counseling Services, Inc. in their counseling offices part time to help support students and the school community with substance abuse related issues.

  • Minor in Possession (MIP)
    Professional Counseling Services, Inc. is state certified to fulfill Minor in Possession (MIP) group requirements for court (this includes our six week Alternative to Suspension program). Contact us for more information about group times.

  • Alternatives to Suspension Programs
    The six week curriculum covers the physical, legal, social and personal consequences of substance abuse, drinking and driving, stress and coping strategies, the stages of addiction and other important components involved with substance abuse. Families report with great frequency that the program was helpful, effective and informative, and this is confirmed through research. Students spend less time in at-home suspension and more time in class as a result of this program and school district policy. Groups include parent participation, homework and interactive elements. 

  • Middle and High School levels
    Classroom presentations are tailored to meet the needs of the students being served; this includes providing developmentally appropriate information. 

  • Drug / Alcohol Assessments
    Professional Counseling Services, Inc. provides substance abuse assessments to help determine the extent of substance use and the level of care needed. Assessments provided may not be appropriate for court ordered DUI clients.


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